Trade Ty’Son for Edmonds?

Have Aaron Jones and Damien Harris as main RBs. It’s a 2 flex league .5 ppr. Both have to deal with QBs that could vulture TDS, but I’m worried about Murray taking a bigger share of the backfield.

Ty’Son’s value will never be higher, so as much as I dislike Edmonds, anything you can get for Ty’Son at this point is a steal.

What are your concerns about Edmonds, out of curiosity. I hate that Murray is likely to vulture his touchdowns, but he seems like a back that is game script proof.

Well, first of all, Murray isn’t the main vulture of Edmonds’ TDs–Conner is. If Edmonds doesn’t score from a distance, Conner will come in inside the 10, and Murray will vulture some of HIS TDs.

Secondly, the Cardinals tried to make an undersized back their lead RB a couple of years ago too (Andre Ellington) and it din’t work out too well. Yes, different coaches and teammates, but Edmonds just isn’t built to be a lead back. They will either have to reduce his usage, or allow him to break down–bringing Conner more touches between the 20s in either circumstances.

His position coach’s experience with Conner in PIT (2018) also gives him a bit of an edge in that backfield–that was Conner’s career year.

Fair enough. Thank you for the advice. What value do you think I could get for him then? I feel like he’d have to have another big week in order to garner a legitimate RB2.

Always start with Derrick Henry and work your way down.

:rofl: I like the optimism