Trade Tyler Boyd for Edelman?

The edelman owner is really down on him now that AB is going to the patriots. I was thinking of offering Boyd for him. Do you guys think this is a good trade?

Who are your other receivers? Full PPR?

I have Woods, lockett, westbrook, and allison. yeah ppr.

i would say no. with AJ being out boyd is going to get a ton of targets

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Boyd did well even when AJ was on the field. I’d keep him. Nothing flashy but a a young WR2 anchor, probably one of the best.

A lot of old WR1’s out there. Probability is something close to 50% of them won’t perform great. Julio, Edelman, AB, AJ. Fitzerald is the only one that could produce but his role has changed. Rice put up over 1K yards in the same role at the same age as Fitzgerald.

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Nah Boyd’s ceiling is higher, and with your WR corps you don’t need Edelman’s floor. You could try to package Westbrook and another piece for Jules, I’d do that


Just like the others are saying, I think you stick with Boyd! Edelman’s got the name factor on his side but I think the ceiling on Boyd is too much to be willing to give him up straight up for Edelman. Good luck!

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