Trade Tyler Lockett for Quincy Enunwa?

Standard, 10-team
He would be my wr3, on the bench.
Straight up, would you do it?

edit: my 4 wrs right now have a bye week on the same week, so i think this is a no-brainer, right?

Eh…idk about no brainer. Hopefully you don’t have to play either of these guys and Enunwa is hurt now. I would wait for an update on Enunwas health. If he is healthy I would do the trade.

This is a horrible topic. Trade Lockette for trash? Go see if Robby Anderson available on waivers … lol trade lockette for this? smh

wow, someone lost this weeks matchup because enunwa scored 0 points, am i right?

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this is by far the worst post I have seen in a mins

No need to come here then.
I need to trade lockett, enunwa has at least 8 targets a week(last game was an exception due to the injured hand).
If you think i shouldn’t do it, maybe comment telling me realistic 1 wr for 1 wr trade offers i could get for him. No need to be salty just because he pooped his pants this week.

this dude still chirping about moving the hottest guy in the league??? hope its way better than Enuwa, which in your book is a target monster, in mine, he’s nothing in a 10 man league. he’s a free agent

you clearly dont know how to read, so i will not answer you anymore. i NEED to trade the guy. And the hottest guy in the league is averaging no more than 12 points in the 5 weeks, being almost 4 of them without doug baldwin.

I am currently trying to trade locket and a piece for an upgrade at running back. I am trying to capitalize after multiple good weeks from him and also considering I am deep receiver

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traded him and dion lewis for golladay right now and im very pleased with the trade