Trade - Tyreek & Chubb for Zeke?

Hey y’all
So i’m in a full-point PPR

Current lineup is:
QB: Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins
RB: Melvin Gordon, Nick Chubb, Mark Ingram, Duke Johnson, Phillip Lindsey
WR: Keenan Allen, OBJ, Tyreek Hill
TE: Jack Doyle, David Njoku

Right now I have an offer
His Zeke for my Hill & Chubb

My RB depth is already decent but I’d like to upgrade @ RB2 if possible. We start 2 WRs so 1 of my 3 WRs are in the Flex every week. Only reason I’m interested in potentially giving Hill is because of the upcoming bye and I’m not guaranteed a playoff spot quite yet - thoughts?

I don’t like the trade at all, but what does your playoff picture look like. Depending on how bleak it is can alter my position.

Nooooo don’t trade Hill and Chubb for Zeke… Zeke is not an elite option this year, where you could argue that Hill is (despite it coming in ups and downs).


5-4, neck and neck with 4 other teams. I’m tied record-wise with one other team and about 100 points ahead of them to put myself in the last spot for playoffs. could really go either way at this point.

That’s what has held me up. Obviously RB production is harder to come by than WR production but I just feel like maybe Hill & Chubb together is just a little too much.

Absolutely. For context, I trade Hill and Chubb for Gurley (granted that was a stretch lol) so you can absolutely get something more. I’d rather have Mixon or CMC over Zeke. And Hill for one of them is really a fair trade. Don’t add Chubb unless you’re getting a Kamara, or Hunt or Gordon.


IMO if you do this trade your weekly production is going to take a hard hit. Phillip Lindsay should be starting as your RB2 if it were me. You have a great advantage at WR, don’t throw it away for a name that has more value than the points he’s likely to get you

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Thanks for the insight guys! Appreciate it.

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