Trade Tyreek Hill for Joe Mixon

I’m currently 8-2 and guaranteed a playoff spot. I just traded Tyreek and Lindsay for Mixon and Sanders because of Mixon’s amazing playoff schedule (Week 14 bye league). Thoughts? I also have AB at wr

I like this trade. Sanders and Mixon has a good ROS schedule and Mixon is a solid upgrade from lindsay even with AJ Green gone.

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Yeah exactly. I’m guaranteed the playoff spot so I might as well try and set up my team for success in weeks 15 and 16. Thanks for the reply.

Also AJ will be back for fantasy playoffs hopefull which is a big upgrade for mixon

My friend just offered me AJ for Breida. Not sure if I want to start 2 bengals though.

is breida a starter for you?

No I have Dalvin Cook, Hunt and Mixon at rb. I’m pretty stacked there (10 team league btw)

I mean Lindsay had a pretty amazing play off schedule as well. I’m gonna be honest, I feel rather indifferent about the trade not knowing your other depth.

Mixon is obviously an upgrade from Lindsay but sanders is a downgrade from hill.

lindsay and sanders are on the same team lol

At RB I have Cook, Hunt, Breida and Mixon.
At wr I have AB, Boyd, Sanders, Edelman

ooooo, I don’t know about that trade then

You would have been better off starting Cook, Hunt, AB, Hill and Edelman

Probably should do the AJ trade then

standard scoring league btw so Edelman is an average wr. The reason I did the trade is because Hill is too boom or bust for me and his playoff schedule isn’t very good.

You did skip a bye week for hill which is good. But it doesn’t really matter cause you’re locked for play offs.

Now you have

WR: AB, sanders
RB: hunt mixon
Flex: cook

Instead of

WR: AB, Hill
RB: hunt, Lindsay
Flex: cook

I mean I am rather indifferent. It could pan out w/ Lindsay potentially losing some TDs to freeman.

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Also Cook has a great playoff schedule. So i have 3 rbs with great playoff schedules and then AB and Sanders. Along with Mahomes so I think my team will be pretty hard to beat.

Yeah precisely. It was all about personal preference. Hill is a great player but he either goes for 6 points or 25 and that just didn’t sit great with me. I prefer more consistent players.

Sanders is the same though? Just with a lower ceiling and floor.

True. But I could also slide Edelman or Boyd in my wr2 spot as well. I really wanted Mixon because he should go for 20+ against both CLE and OAK.