Trade: Tyreek Hill for Julio Jones

I’m the Tyreek Hill owner and I was wondering if I should go ahead and trade him for Julio… the offer would be accepted by my trade partner as it has already been discussed… I’m hesitant of the trade due to Hill’s big play ability… but I get the consistency of Julio plus I won’t have to worry about Hill’s bye week.

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What’s the rest of the roster look like? I like Julio’s consistency but Hill definitely has potential for huge games. I had Hill earlier in the year but ended up trading him, Michel, and Baldwin for Keenan and Zeke.

It’s a weird format but I posted screen shots

I would do the trade.

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I would make that trade as well.

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I appreciate all the input guys! Thank you!

Make the trade Julio already had his bye and Tyreke has his bye week 12 you get the added game that would mitigate any risk of Hill going big play insane for 4 straight games.

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