Trade Tyreek Hill for Michael Thomas?

Friend is offering Thomas with injured Brees for Tyreek Hill?

Weighing what I like and don’t like

Positives for Tyreek is he’s explosive with a great qb. His injury didn’t require surgery and he could be back in the next 2-4 weeks.
Negatives are will he be 100% and will the Chiefs rely heavy on him with all the success of Robinson Thomas Hardman and Watkins? He’s also a risk off the field.

Positives of Thomas he’s a talented player in his own right. He’s not nursing an injury and is not an off the field nuisance. He did well with Bridgewater Sunday but that’s a very small sample size.
Negatives being will he continue to do well with Teddy and how effective will Brees be come his return?

Footclanners whatdya think? I appreciate any comments. Thanks