Trade Tyreek in Dynasty?

I have Tyreek and Beckham as part of my wr core. I have been thinking of trading Hill to get a wr who will probably be more targeted than Hill and will be more consistent. Hill can win you a week by himself and has Mahomes, but I’m not sure how reliable Hill and Beckham will be each week. I’ve been getting offers for Beckham,I could be wrong, but they’ve been bad offers.

I tried to trade Hill plus something for Adams but was not able to. I also tried to get Thomas, Godwin.

Our lineup is 1 qb, 3wr, 2rb, 1 te, 2 flex.

It’s full ppr and full point for first downs. There’s also points awarded for 40 yd plays, and 100 yard games.

My other wrs include Ridley, Keenan, Reagor, Jeudy, Diontae.

Should I try to go after someone like Golladay, ARob , or DJ Moore? The owner of Golladay has Mahomes as his qb, that stack could be dangerous to our league though lol.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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If I’m trading Reek or OBJ I’d be going for a RB more than WR considering you have one of those two (assuming you don’t trade both), plus Ridley, Allen, Reagor, Jeudy and Diontae.

I would not trade Reek to the Mahomes owner unless it greatly benefits your squad.

I’d much rather have DJM than Tyreek in dynasty, so maybe go for him if you’re dead-set on doing a WR swap. Otherwise I’d be targetting Chubb, Sanders, Jacobs etc.


@keith_ferguson I offered Beckham, Harris, and Herndon for Jacobs, he said he’ll let me know within 24 hours. Is that too much you think to give up?

My top rbs are Barkley, Mostert, and Ingram.

My top tes are Gesicki, Jonnu, Herndon.

I would make an offer to the Gollady owner. The point of trading is to make it win-win, so I don’t fear the stack. Golladay + a significant piece would be an even return.

@fun4willis thanks, what do you think of the offer for Jacobs?

The Golladay owner has Singletary, Gibson. I’m not really feeling the Bills backfield though plus I have Josh Allen as my qb.

I missed that, sorry.

It’s selling low on Beckham for sure. If you are all in on Jacobs then it’s a fair offer. I don’t think it’s too much.

My guess is they turn it down. But fingers crossed for you.

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It’s a pretty fair offer on paper. I’d much rather have the Jacobs side

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@keith_ferguson @fun4willis Is the Beckham package trade offer good for Sanders too? I’m just a little nervous about the Eagles being rbbc. Pederson likes using multiple rbs.

I prefer Sanders over Jacobs. So yes.

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Yeah I’d rather have Sanders in PPR. Don’t worry about the RBBC history nonsense. He’ll get 65% of the share at minimum

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I really like moving Hill for DJM. Especially as I think you might get something back (small piece) on top of DJM. I suspect he will have a far safer floor than Golladay.

As to the RB side, I like both Jacobs and Sanders. I think it is really dealer’s choice on that one. I do think the splits will be similar for both, but Jacobs probably picks up more backfield % and Sanders gets the PPR jump. Admittedly that PPR is sweet, so it might give Sanders a little more juice but I also expect Jacobs to catch more this season. If I had to choose I’d go Sanders but I get the allure of Jacobs.

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@fun4willis @keith_ferguson @octoberland

In the offer for Jacobs, He countered with me giving a 2021 2nd , and him giving a 2021 3rd plus Kyle Rudolph. I asked if he can give me a different te besides Rudolph. He said maybe Drew Sample. What do I do?

What is the current offer in total?

We have been going back and forth.

But the one he offered was Jacobs, 2021 3rd rounder, Kyle Rudolph or Maybe Drew Sample for Beckham, Herndon, Harris, and a 2021 2nd rounder.

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In my opinion, unless you are super high on Jacobs I would pass. I think he is getting a much better deal. That said, I am in on OBJ so I do have a little bias there.

Also, is Harris the NE RB? I am guessing so. If so, he could very well approximate Jacobs. I think that kid is super good with just a bad first year opportunity.

I definitely do not think you need to give a 2nd to get a 3rd. If anything I think that should be switched. Herndon has the potential / talent / opportunity to far out produce Rudolph or Sample. He was injured last year but his production is amazing when healthy. The risk is clearly that he cannot stay healthy, but the upside is fantastic.

Then OBJ. I would argue you could go nearly straight up OBJ for Jacobs. Or at least they are closer than this deal feels. Again, this are my thoughts but IMHO I am declining the offer.

I’d still rather move Hill for Sanders unless that is dead.

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@octoberland we agreed on Beckham, Harris, Herndon for Jacobs.

And agreed on deal.

Do I proceed with it?

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Unfortunately I cannot tell you who you like more which is the crux of it :slight_smile:

If I am being honest I do not. At the same time I do not think that is unfair by the market.

I try to look at other people’s trades from firstly how I view it and then balance what the public thinks. So in my eyes it is split. In the end, if you really want Jacobs and do not mind moving the other assets, I’d go for it. I like Jacobs as a player. I personally like the other assets as a whole package better but that’s preference not absolute. I like depth in dynasty.

I think that OBJ can balance what Jacobs does (ceiling and floor) at their respective position. The other two are what tips it to me wanting that side with OBJ. I am higher than many on Harris / Herndon.

Who you want more is always the right choice. I wish trades were absolute but it ultimately ends with who you value more. I do think it is a bit of an overpay but nothing embarrassing. My hesitation is definitely not about the talent of Jacobs.

Does that help?

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I prefer the Beckham, Harris, and Hernson side in a dynasty league.


@keith_ferguson @fun4willis @octoberland

No deal has been made yet but we have still been negotiating.

The last offer I made was Beckham, Harris, Herndon, 2022 2nd rounder for Jacobs and Chark.

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