Trade Tyreek?

Need RB help bad after Gus and Mostert went down. Thinking of Trying to move Tyreek for an RB / WR combo.

Couple of options from the 0-2 teams in the league that may have interest:

Team 1: Swift + Davante Smith or Claypool
Team 2: Ekeler/CEH/MIles Sanders and Tee Higgins or Antonio Brown
Team 3: Saquon Barkley (he is think at RB so probably wouldn’t work) / Cortland Sutton

Am I tilting or should I try and move someone else and hold Hill?


QB: Hurts
RB: Mixon, Hines, Dillon, Gainwell
WR: Hill, Kupp, Rondale Moore, Mooney, Corey Davis, Aiyuk, and Will Fuller
TE: Waller

You’re tilting. As a current owner of Hill, I feel your tilt, and I am experiencing it too. However, Hill is going up against a chargers defense that can’t seem to stop anyone, so I’d play him this week. They have so many targets, I think Hill will break open and have a good week

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