Trade Tyreke Hill Away

So I been asked about Tyreke Hill to be traded. I have Adam Theilan, Chris Godwin, Cooper Kupp, Marvin Jones, Robbie Anderson, Keke Coutee and Mecole Hardman.

So here it is would you trade Tyreke Hill, Marvin Jones and Jason Witten for Amari Cooper, Golden Tate and Mark Andrews

I like it, Amari is close to Hill and at least based on week 1 should be great. Golden could produce, and Andrews is a clear upgrade from Witten.

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You’re honestly solid at WR right now. How’s your RB/TE situation look?

I still don’t trust Cooper personally. NYG is bad on defense, so don’t let a good game fool you, that’s what Cooper does. Dallas is a run-heavy team, and Gallup will limit Cooper’s WR1 potential.

If you can survive 6 weeks till Hill returns, you’ll have a strong WR1 for the playoff push.

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So RB is Kamara, Freeman, Carson and Brieda
TE is Vance McDonald and Witten

Your RBs are very strong, so they can carry you while Hill is out. WR depth is good too (start Godwin and Kupp, flex the others.

Vance should get better so you’re decent there. Unless one of the hot new kids is available on waivers sit tight.

Hold on to Hill for now. He is a very good WR1 when he returns, so if you can make it till then, you’ll have a huge boost just in time for the playoff push.

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yea maybe you are right…

I’d wait one more week if you can, see how your other WRs do, and if Cooper decides to be consistent this year.

If you can go even 3-3 the next 6 weeks, you should still be in good shape with Hill coming back and ready to plow through.

(I drafted AJ Green 6th round for this reason, despite having A.B., Lockett, and Westbrook). Having a strong player come in for your team near the end can really help.

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I’d wait…a healthy Hill is above and beyond cooper. You aren’t in need of immediate help either.

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