Trade Ty'son + AB for Zeke? (Team & League details provided)

12-Team PPR 3Flex Redraft League

RBs: Najee, Swift, Damien Harris, Ty’son, Conner

WRs: Kupp, Moore, AB, Deebo, Mooney, Gabe Davis, Osborn

Yeah, I see why you emphasized 3Flex. It means that the combination of two viable starters into one stud comes at the cost of valuable depth.

But fortunately, I’m not sure we’re talking about two viable starters. There are a lot of mouths to feed in Tampa, and AB could just as easily have Mike Evans’ Week 1 box score in 2 out of 3 weeks. Williams will probly settle in as the Ravens’ 3rd rushing option, behind Jackson and Murray. So you get to turn a couple of meh guys into a stud, and you could use that.

Do the trade, and add Tre’Quan Smith to your IR–instant WR depth in a couple of weeks when he unPUPs.


This is SUPER helpful. Thanks for the advice, man!