Trade Tyson Williams for WR? 2 QB League

Thinking of trading away Tyson Williams off the good game. Maybe pairing him and Murray or one of my WRs to get an upgrade WR. What do you guys think i should do and who should i target?

My Team:
QB Kyler
QB Brady
RB Aaron Jones
RB Montgomery
WR Kupp
WR Higgins
TE Higbee
Flex Henderson

Bench: Claypool, Tyson Williams, Latavius Murray, Pittman, Rondale Moore, and AJ Dillon

Try to see if you can swing AB/Lockett though may be hard after their week 1 performances. You can try to see if the McLaurin owner is panicking. It will probably someone who could be a solid WR2 with upside potential like Corey Davis.

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Start with Tyreek Hill and work your way down.

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@crhempel Tyson for AB? or offer who?
also the guy who has McLauren just lost Mostert his RBs are Mixon Javonte and Kenyan Drake

Tyson and Kupp for Hill or should i keep kupp?

If you think you can get Hill for Ty’Son and Kupp I would do that.

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@crhempel If not would it be straight up for AB or offer Williams to the McLauren team?

I would try straight up for McLaurin. Worst they can do is decline or counter

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@crhempel Got decline but no counter, the guy with AB has Jefferson, Cooper, and Juju in the lineup ahead of AB should i offer Williams or would that be giving a lot?

Ty’Son for AB sounds like a lot given the dearth of RB talent. I would wait to see how he is used this week. You have a solid foundation and AB will be at a premium right now.