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Trade up for #1 overall?


Keeper league. Non-PPR. 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1W/R, 1TE

Pick 1.09
Allen Robinson (can be kept for 14th round)
Jamison Crowder (can be kept for 15th round)

1.01 (Would take Lev Bell since David Johnson is someone’s keeper)

My keepers are: OBJ, Jordan Howard, Mike Gilislee

Is this a good move on my part? I’m a little nervous about his holdout and injury history but I’m even more nervous about who will be around at 1.09 for me to grab at RB. After keepers are taken into consideration I’m probably looking at Fournette, Lynch, or Mcaffrey as the best available. Thanks in advance for all the help.

The other option is try to flip these two guys for mid round picks and have an extra 5th or 6tg round pick.


i really like it in theory. you are trading away players you were not going to keep anyway, and give up your 1st for his. me personally, im staying away from bell. all the news swarming around him and his history makes me too nervous to take him. i think even if you dont take bell, you should still do it because you are basically giving up nothing for your choice of the pool.


I guess I failed to mention my other option would be to trade these guys away and try and get like an extra 4th or 5th round pick for them.

I will update my original post.