TRADE URGENT| JT and Woods FOR Henry and Aiyuk

Am I crazy to hesitate on this trade? 10 team half ppr (2man Keeper)

I get Henry and Aiyuk.

Current team
WR Adams, Arob, Woods, Claypool, AB, jones jr
RBs JT, Gibson, Gus, Hines, Jwilliams

I’d hit yes very quickly on this.

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Right?! like dont worry about the henry cliff that could be coming… Stress henry may break down I know its all speculation but idk

I hope you hit yes on this.
You have more than enough WR depth if Aiyuk doesn’t pay out.
And Henry…well he’s Derrick Henry. I’ll take that trade all day.

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So I am definitely over thinking it?

Nah, I get the apprehension when you think about the upside of a guy like Taylor, but I think there’s a clear choice on this one.

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I think you’re overthinking it a bit.

…unless you want to counter with Antonio Gibson instead of JT and maybe give up Allen Robinson. JT & Henry sound devastating.

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May counter with that

haha- maybe send a message first and see how they feel. They say no in your message rush back to that original trade and hit accept. SUPER FAST!

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I hope you screw around tinkering with your Christmas present until it disappears.

That’ll teach you not to be grateful, and just hit ACCEPT next time.

Yo, Chill.

It was a txt asking if I would take it, so not worried about it going away.

Hopefully that lack of concern won’t be your downfall, but then again, experience is the best teacher.

Preciate the concern

I don’t like it. I would draft Henry at 4 overall in a PPR, JT as soon as 7 overall, I don’t think the difference is as significant as most would say, exclusively in a PPR though, but I do see a very big difference between Woods and Aiyuk. I get that a lot of people like the shiny relatively new thing with guys like Aiyuk that seem to have huge upside, but most WR’s don’t really take the huge leap that’s expected, plus I think this is going to be the best year Woods has ever had, top 10 or better WR overall upside imo.

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I’m fine with Aiyuk even if he doesn’t take a big leap. If he just continues to either score or gain 100+ yards in every game like he did last year over a 7 game stretch (as a rookie, with no preseason and precious little practice, and 3 different QBs throwing him the ball, not to mention Deebo and Kittle being out for a lot of that stretch, so opposing defenses could key on Aiyuk).

The top 12ish Aiyuk is enough for me. If he takes a step beyond that, it’s just gravy.

What about this
Gibson Arob Claypool
Henry Aiyuk Jmarr chase

As long as you’re getting Henry and Aiyuk, most any other reasonable accommodations are warranted.