Trade value charts

I just discovered them and was wondering if they are reliable or not. And if so, which one do you recommend. I am terrible at assessing trade values and these charts would be really helpful.

I dont find them to be super helpful although i wish they were. they always seem to not value players in real time and the weights of position value never really seem to be there. IE rbs hold more value generally.

Its a good place to start but really its about seeing where your league mates evaluate them which in my opinion is best done by just discussion on a bunch of players

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They’re a good tool to start offers but navigating between position groups isn’t 1 for 1. You then have to factor in the current owner’s perspective.

It’s probably a better tool to see what your players value is when trades are proposed to you. Just in case you glorify a player that should (like Kenyan Drake on my roster).

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