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Trade value comparisons


Looking to obtain a WR from a RB strapped team. I can only run 2 RB’s a week. My RB’s are:

Gordon, Lynch, Gillislee, Martin, Gore, Henry

Individually, which of my RB’s can I offer for:
A. Cooper
A. Jeffrey
A. Green
D. Bryant
L. Fitzgerald
T. Hilton
T. Hill



I bet you could get some value for Henry. But I would go for a Gore for AJ trade. I think AJ Green will bounce back, and out of all the receivers you listed AJ and Dez, IMO, are the only true number 1 WRs; although you could argue AJ has even more capital since Marvin Lewis doesn’t want to use Mixon like he should and Dal has Zek.


There’s no way I can get Green for Gore though. That’s far too lopsided


I agree with you that if you offer Gore for Green you likely end trade talks right there for the disrespectfulness of the lowball… You would be discluded from any future trade discussions with that player. (At least that’s what would happen if I were the AJ owner.)

I do agree that AJ is by far the one I’d be targeting out of this list. Has underperformed vastly and has the highest upside IMO. Personally I’d be shopping Gillislee and his 4 TDs, but that’s just me. Lynch has a very tough stretch of schedule coming up, so that depends how highly you believe in him at this point. If you could package something with Gillislee (one of your lesser WRs maybe?) for Green, or something similar, that’s what I would do. I’d possibly even counter with Gillislee and Gore if he declines and he’s super strapped. Green will be worth it down the line I do believe.


I definitely don’t want to be discluded!

I agree with your assessment. I’m likely more inclined to offer Lynch than Gillislee at this point, not because Lynch has looked bad or anything. I’m worried about his volume as Del Rio tries to keep him fresh for a deep playoff run.

While I have the same volume concerns for Gilly, I’m not concerned about Belichick holding him back if they’re winning because they’re so depleted for talent right now.
Does that thought process hold any weight to you?