Trade value did i give too much

I traded Sammy Watkins, Stephon Diggs, and D Henry for E Decker and B Cooks did i give too much up
Full PPR
I have zeke, ajayi, Shady mccoy, dalvin cook, and Kamara for RB
I have Higgins, Allen for my other Wrs

Personally, I’d prefer to have Watkins and Diggs, I think they have more volume potential. Decker has been a TD stud in the past though. Cooks is a great WR, Brady just likes to share the love too much for me to target a NE receiver. Which position has you concerned?

i made the trade so do you think it was a bad trade on my part?

I wouldn’t have done it but I also haven’t won a league so who am I to pass judgement

I think Brandin Cooks will start to play a lot better and he has a high ceiling and Decker might find his form with Marriota

That’s very true, there is a ton of potential upside to the trade.

I agree as it’s not my preffered trade, I would have rather kept them. I think it makes your wr core alittle weaker, but your team is still pretty solid

You know what, I retract my initial response. It’s early in the year and I think what you said is a safer bet than Goff slinging TD’s to watkins. I think Diggs is a safe bet but if your thoughts come to fruition you’re still safe. You didn’t lose much in Henry given your RB depth and Demarco Murray is, well, Demarco Murray.

I think it would be a fair trade given all the players current state with Diggs taken out of it though

and if you don’t like it after a couple of weeks, all the pieces are there for a stellar WR upgrade

Yeah thats what i was thinking i have enough RB depth when bye weeks come that people will be looking for RBs to make good trades


I just think you could have gotten abit more/better for them, but youre fine none the less