Trade value for Austin Hooper or Darren waller?

I have both TE’s on my roster and was looking to upgrade my RB or WR group. At RB I have CMC, Breida and Jacobs and at WR Lockett, Watkins, Westbrook and m Williams.

What would the trade value be for one of those TEs? I’m guessing a RB2 or WR2? Or should I just keep both and start one in the flex? Thanks!

I think you’re needed a wr2 over rbs. After locket the production hasn’t been there for the others.

I would agree that you need at least a wr2. Besides Lockett who is a borderline wr1, you dont have any wr2’s on your roster. If you can’t find anything better on the waiver wire I would definitely trade outright for one.

Yeah there isn’t much on waivers…Auden Tate, Geronimo allison, Cole Beasley, Deebo Samuel and Corey Davis just to name a few. It’s a 12 team league so waivers isna little less scarce

Same situation here with both TEs and looking to trade up at WR. RBs are D.Johnson, D.Henry, D. Freeman, M.Breida and WRs C.Kupp, C.Ridley, T.McLaurin, R.Anderson. Maybe package a deal with RB and TE for WR1. Trying to decide what WRs to target with so many injuries and a lot of studs underperforming. Someone in my league as D.Hopkins and A.Cooper with weak TE so might try to work a deal