Trade value for Justin Jackson

I picked Jackson up off waivers in my dynasty league when all this Gordon drama started and the way the news has been trending they aren’t even close to reaching a deal yet. I know his value will probably continue to rise the closer we get to the regular season but it will also drop to nothing if Gordon signs.
Is he worth a hold or should I try to flip him while he still has value? and if I were to flip him what is he worth?

I would hold. Gordon is expected to holdout into the season.

Even if Gordon does sit out all year, i dont know how valuable Jackson will be. He didnt do great last year when he was given the opportunity and he’ll most likely be splitting time with Ekeler.
I was just offered a 2020 3rd, is that a decent deal?

That’s low if he is the RB2 for the LAC at any time this year.

I mean you can sell now and know you got something for him. My preference is to wait.

As far as I’m concerned he was worth a 3rd before the Gordon holdout.

I owned Jackson in all of my leagues before the Gordon news and for good reason. He was evaluated to be better than Ekeler and likely overtake him last year already, before the season even started. When Gordon went down, Ekeler had his chance and didn’t do very well with it. I actually think when Jackson finally got his chance, he performed well, seemed more electric than Ekeler, and his stats would’ve been even better had Rivers not over/under thrown him a few times. As for Gordon this year, I strongly believe he’ll hold out, so both Ekeler and Jackson will have much more value than a 2020 3rd round pick.

I ended up getting a 2020 2nd for him. I forgot that I sent out a few offers to test the waters in my league. I am about 50/50 that Gordon will play this season so I think I’m fine with this trade. I do think I probably could have got more if I waited longer but I hate playing that wait and see game.

You guys did stop me from just accepting that 3rd round offer so that is definitely appreciated!