Trade Value - John Brown

Hi Ballers! I have John Brown on my .5 point ppr dynasty roster. I am considering trading him for a pick or two depending on people’s interest. Do you think I should hold on to him and hope Allen utilizes him? Or should i try and trade him to people that still believe he has a ton of value? Not too sure what to do!

This one is hard, A healthy Watson showed him not getting used very effectively. Allen has a similar rate of running rather than passing so it worries me. I think John Brown is crazy talented, and if Foster is any indicator, they can make a WR a star. But boy is that a weird offense…in dynasty I would probably hold onto him.

I think i would be inclined to hold onto him at this stage in dynasty. Allen did run a lot at the end of last year but that was for his life rather than by design! The o line should be improved and as a high end lottery ticket he’s not a bad upside play if you need it.

Allen will want to go deep with his arm and with Brown and Foster out wide they can both take the top off and based on Allen’s accuracy issues i don’t think he’ll be a high volume passer but rather the big play guy this season. Only takes one 70 yard TD catch to make Brown a good start, also if he starts the year hot again and maybe by week 4-5 he’s in the top 15 WRs getting chunk plays and long TDs he may be better to trade at that point? His value isn’t that high right now IMO

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depends on what gets offered. everything is always for sale on my team. if someone offers you 2 1sts this year, i would be very inclined to take that offer. i would for sure look to see if anyone holds high value to him and are willing to pay, but i would keep it in the back of my head i dont HAVE to say yes to any offer, that im fine with keeping him too.

Absolutely spot on.

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He will have some stellar weeks, but I feel his season will be marred with inconsistencies. I’d aim for the stars and sell for as much as I can