Trade value of Elijah Mitchell

I have ty’son Williams and Elijah Mitchell on my bench ppr 6 pt td. What are these guys worth trade wise?

Its really difficult to say. To owners who lost Mostert and Gus (or Dobbins if they drafted early) they’re guys they likely want bad. If I could I would package them together and see how excited the league is about them. If I can get a top 15 rb for them I’m moving them out.

Start with Derrick Henry and work your way down.

This isn’t Antique Road Show, where you can “appraise” a player at a fixed value. Players have the value that their owners place on them, no more and no less, and no one can speak for any other owner.

To me, a player’s value is usually tied to their long-term ability to score fantasy points for my team, so I wouldn’t give you Amon-Ra St. Brown for either one of them–but somebody probly thinks they’re pretty keen.