Trade value too much or good deal?

I give Derrick Henry, Corey Clement and Allen Robinson and i get Dalvin Cook (possibly Goodwin but lets assume just Cook) - thoughts?

Current other RBS: Gordon, Fournette, Kerryon, Coleman
Current other WRs: Baldwin, Gordon, Davis, Stills

Is this dynasty, keeper, or redraft? I feel like that’s a lot to give up for Cook, but I personally think that Henry is going to have a top 15 year. On one hand, you’re making your RB core super strong with Cook, but on the other hand, you’re making your mediocre WR core a little more mediocre.

Redraft, 12 team and standard scoring sorry should have mentioned.

Interesting, i think you’re the first person in a while that hasn’t said to sell Henry asap haha. The value does seem a little high for me and I do think he’ll be good it’s a question of how good can Cook be and will he stay healthy?!

I would try to get Goodwin or another WR if i were you. Yeah Cook will more than likely be much better than Henry but also giving up your second best WR and with Baldwin banked up right now that move is pretty risky. You already have two good RBs, so if i were you i would probably wouldnt make the trade and keep the depth for your team

I wouldnt worry about him staying healthy but is he the same player that he showed in the first few games last year and more importantly how much will Murray take away from him

Surprised you’d rank Robinson ahead of Gordon for 2nd place in the WR depth? I have a lot of doubts about him, new team, lots of other targets, QB with questions still plus coming back from ACL?
interesting to get the views though.

yeah i’d like more coming back but really outside of Goodwin theres not a lot better than what i already have and i doubt he’s sending Cook and Royce Freeman over - i can ask but i doubt it…

This is my other concern, Murray is on waivers and i feel like I’ve got to grab him if i pull the trigger just to see what happens in the first week or 2.

I might do it if u got Goodwin back. Probably not without

Yeah i feel there aren’t too many 3 for 1 trades out there that you feel that happy about. A lot of unknows with Cook and Robinson

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Any one else you’d try and get, the issue is that he drafted like an idiot and has no depth or real quality so it’s hard to even counter? I have Cam at QB and Reed at TE with the Saints and Prater at DST and K.
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I think you are giving too much for Cook alone. Throw in Goodwin, and it balances out. You are basically trading Henry for Cook (upgrade), and Robinson for Goodwin (push?). Clement makes it too much you are giving. If I were you, I’d focus on trying to upgrade WR given Baldwin might not be the #1 we thought. Good luck.

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