Trade Value

So in my 12 team .5 ppr dynasty startup draft, Kenyan Drake fell to the very end of the 7th round where I thought there was enough value to grab him. First question is, was I right to grab him? Second question is what I should expect? I hear so many mixed emotions on him idk weather to attempt to trade him or keep him. Is he a safe RB 2? RB 3? Flex? We play 3 flex spots. Thanks for any advice. It’s very much appreciated.

KENYAN DRAKE is a BIG ???MARK, in the 7th round, sound good for YE

Will have to wait till the preseason to get a better picture of how things will shake out, but if everything goes right he could be a solid RB2 for you. It could also be a mess in the Dolphins backfield. Drake showed flashes last year, but they also brought in Gore and drafted Ballage at the end of the 4th round. Gore is 35 years old and could be at the end of his career, but he also hasn’t missed a game since, and of the last 7 years he has rushed for over 1000 yards 5 times, and the two years he didn’t rush for 1000 he rushed for 961 and 967 yards. And Ballage has talent, but they didn’t trade up the 2nd round or anything to draft him. So who knows how the backfield will shake out, just have to wait and see.

I would sit on him and wait a bit to see what happens, especially if he is your 3rd or 4th RB. I don’t think you would get all that much for him in a trade right now, unless the other owner really wants him. Sit on him, and maybe you get a solid RB2 for a 7th round pick, or dump him or trade him if the backfield turns into a messy RBBC.

Ya hes my 4th rb behind Bell, Cook, and Dion Lewis. It’s a superflex and I’d like to have a qb that I can use when my starters are on bye. Was thinking of trading him for one but wasn’t sure who would be one to go for. Thanks!

Who are your starters at QB and who is on waivers?

Kirk Cousins and Alex Smith. Only worthy qb on waivers is aj McCarron. I also have Bridgewater.

If there is any possible way you can swing it, try to trade for Blake Bortles. On the weeks that Cousins (week 10) and Smith (week 4) are on bye, the Jags play the Colts (week 10) and the Jets (week 4).

Ah great find. I’ll look into it!