Trade Vance & Dede to get AB?

My buddy with AB is pissed cuz he’s a raider fan. He’s offering me AB for Vance (my 2nd TE) and Dede.

Current WRs:
Keenan Allen
Robert Woods
Dede Westbrook
Alshon Jeffrey
DJ Moore

Current TEs:
OJ Howard
Vance McDonald.

Yes? I would do this with no hesitation

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I think I’d take that right away. You’ll be fine with OJ Howard

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Take it and run.

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Yeah, I basically told him he could have Vance, plus Dede, Alshon or DJ. Fingers crossed he pulls the trigger and wasn’t just ranting over text cuz his feelings are hurt. haha.

yes AB is worth it, you are already strong at WR so why not make it stronger

And honestly my RBs are trash, so I need to dump Vance to make room for more lottery ticket RBs.

I mean, you took this offer already, right? I’m hoping Dede does well for me but if someone was going to rage trade me for him, I’d wave goodbye

Wow take that trade. I’d prefer to keep Dede so if he would take alshon that would be better for you, but if not take the original offer…

Smash accept

So… the guy chickened out. We had a deal done by text, but he couldn’t pull the trigger.

But now that AB is facing a sexual assault lawsuit, which could potentially lead to a suspension, maybe it’s okay?!

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