Trade veto advice

Need a ruling here. A trade was just approved in my league between family members. They are trading Todd Gurley and Robbie Anderson for Kirk Cousins, Nuk Hopkins, and Kyle Rudolph. This is a 2ppr league.

The team getting Gurley has Goff. The other team already has decent QBs, and Burton and Engram.

This is the second year in a row that these teams have traded for the number one player and just like last year the winless team is giving away the number one to an undefeated team. Last year they traded Le’Veon Bell for Emmanuel Sanders and Trevor Simeon.

Last year they said they’re doing this trade because one of them claimed Denver was their favorite team, which is BS. This year the claim is that the one team has Hopkins on another fantasy team and wants to be able to root for them in both leagues.

are you assuming there is some sort of collusion here? Idk why anyone would trade Gurley for Hopkins. It’s idiotic.

I sympathize with you but everything you write after the first paragraph is irrelevant to me. I don’t think you should veto the trade unless you can prove collusion and nothing else you have written does that. I don’t think who the other team already has should be considered at all.

That aside, the #1 RB for a top 12 QB, top 8 TE and top 3 WR is not lopsided enough to veto IMO

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