Trade veto leads to quiting!

I am a co commissioner in a redraft 14 team leauge. This morning we had a manager quit and drop all of his players. We reassembled that team and set the line up. This manager had pending trades that needed to be approved by the other commissioner. That trade consisted of…
Trading away:
D. Thomas
Kerryon Johnson
Michael Thomas
Ty Hilton
S. Watkins
P. Lindsay
We all knew that this trade was very lopp sided. We contacted manger quiting and asked if he had did this trade knowing he was gonna quit. He responded “yeah I just said f it and did the trade”. So now what to do with that trade? We talked amongst each other and both agreed to veto the trade knowing that one mananger gave up and was throwing away his team basically. The other party involved with the trade was furious and decided to quit as well. Did we make the right choice in veto that trade? Thanks.

If your league has Veto turned on then yes you did the right thing… If your league didnt have Veto turned on or a review of some kind then Im in the books of let someone make their own choices… Thats the way I see it…

I would say you did the right thing. I am assuming the trade would of been vetoed by the other managers. Did the manager quit because he had a losing record?

We do not have vetos turned on but we did get a majority vote in a group chat. More then half the leauge declined said trade

That manager was 3-3 now 4-3. He also quit all of his other leauges as well. Personal issues. Personally I feel it had to be veto’d due to the fact that the manager quiting knew he was going to quit So accepted a very lopp sided trade.

If the league doesn’t have “Trade Reviews” turned on then trade was made with in the perimeters and settings of the league… If you guys wanted the ability to veto trades you should have had the “Trade Review” option turned on…

I feel like the rules were made at the start of the season and to change them in the middle of the year is just as unfair as you feel the trade is…

Im the commish of my league and this is just my opinion on the situation…

I hope it all works out in the end

It didnt. Both players quit and got their money back.

Your strongest case for vetoing the trade was that the guy said “yea I just said f it and did the trade.”

Just because you agree with other people that it’s lopsided isn’t grounds to veto. You veto trades because of collusion, not because they negatively impact your own team. You can veto based on blatant unfairness, but this trade is not that. It’s not trading Gurly for an average TE. Maybe one person thinks a trade is possible before the deadline which will affect the usage of one of the players involved ROS. I just dislike it when commissioners overstep their authority.


I agree… I personally wouldn’t have handled it like this but we all learn from these situations…

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Live and Learn from this experience. I would contact all the managers and see if anyone has any rule changes that they would like to see be voted on. Hope everything is smooth from here on out.

The whole thing sounds to me as if both team owners weren’t happy being in the LEAGUE for what ever reason. Which in all essence…AND…in all honesty…seems to be the best for the whole league for both of them to exit and leave it for the better of the rest of the League.

The League can NOW continue together and decide their best recourse to pick up the pieces and figure out the best way to make the best of what they have left for ROS!!! Such a sad situation for ANY league to have to deal with this mid-season…but hey…better than to have this happen around week 11 or 12!!!

Good luck to all those involved!!!

Tough enough to figure out your own team week to week…BUT…then to have to deal with something like this as well in addition to the regular weekly dilemma!!!

100%! We had a similar situation in out league.

It’s a family + friends one but the comish has his best mate, brother, son and wife all in the league. Anyway, in a previous year, he pushed through a lop sided trade between his wife and his best mate and done the same this year. Me and a few others then decided to veto the proceeding trades to which a couple of players quit. The comish has now got full power over allowing or vetoing trades which is going to end well.

I am a commissioner of 2 different leagues and have been for years. I am 100%against vetoes unless you are trading Gurley for a kicker. Honestly this trade is not that bad of a trade! Lindsey is a good rb and with Freeman out could be a stud. Ty Hilton has top 5 every week potential when healthy and Watkins has put up 20 points a few times this year. Mike Thomas could be on his way down. If the saints go back to the run like they did last year he could be a mid teen a week player and Demarous Thomas sucks this year .If that guys team sucks he had to take a chance and make a change. Should never been vetoed!

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This is a tough one. On one hand, I’m not a fan of changing the rules mid-season. On the other hand, I like to participate under the assumption that everyone involved is going to try to win and stick it out the entire season. In this case, because the commission out-right stated that he agreed to the trade based on the fact that he knew he was leaving, I’m actually ok with vetoing it. Nothing is worse then one person ruining the entire season for everyone else.