Trade Veto Question

I’m the commissioner of my home league. I got Pat Mahomes, Alvin Kamara, Tyreek Hill and Terry McLaurin for Derrick Henry, Stefon Diggs, Sterling Shepard, Carson Wentz, Royce Freeman and an 11th round pick. (Henry can be kept for a 6th and Shepard for an 11th, the team receiving them is tanking and wanted keeper value as his players can’t be kept).

After the trade was processed every member of the league was outraged and called to reverse the trade because it’s “blatantly unfair”. Would you guys reverse the trade?

“Fair” has nothing to do with it. Did you collude with your trade partner to make your team win this season, so that he/she can win next season? Did he/she pay you for the trade? Did either of you get sexual favors for the trade? Did anything else freaky outside of the actual trading of players in a fake football game happen? If not, then tell your league mates to grow a pair and get better at this fake game by making their own lopsided trades, but fair has nothing to do with it.