Trade veto

We had a trade in our league of Graham and Chubb for Cooper and Edmunds. Trade was agreed to, then we got a message that it was vetoed by the commissioner. We believe the team getting Graham decided to pick up a TE on waivers instead and asked the commish to veto. Most of us feel that is BS. Thoughts?

what is the regular veto system that’s in place? Is it commissioner only? Is it majority vote? What platform are you guys playing on?

We went to commissioner veto and I don’t believe it has ever come in to play before. We are on

Veto is stupid anyway unless it’s obvious collusion. Yes some trades are lopsided, but the way it looks at the time of the trade doesn’t mean anything for the rest of the season. So much can happen at any time. With that said yes, that’s garbage I think

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I’d air it out on a group messenger, as there was no collusion by the sounds of it get everyone in the league to vote on it but this trade should be forced through if you all agree to doing that. No trades should be vetoed after agreement aside from clear and obvious collusion, if someone makes a mistake, or wants to back out after the fact that’s just tough.
Yes this is total B/S you are right

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