Trade veto?!

A trade in my league was accepted this week

James White/David Johnson for Conner/Gronk…

I think the side receiving White/Johnson is getting the better end by farrrrrr

Am i overreacting or is this fair?

I actually prefer the gronk side if that owner has RB depth. Conner and White are a wash to me… White getting the volume he’s gotten isn’t sustainable and Conner isn’t going to disappear off the face of the earth. Realy to me is Gronk for DJ with White over Conner as the sweetner. Can you explain why you think this is so bad it would require a veto?

Never veto a trade! There are very few situations that a trade should be vetoed.

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I think Conner will be nothing once Bell comes Back and White is solid high end RB2. Gronk underperforming all year. DJ is a solid RB as well. The team who traded away the 2RBs literally has Alfred Morris and James Conner now…

Trade vetos are stupid. It’s completely subjective. If you play in a league with trade veto, you should leave. Managers always act in their own interest, not what is deemed “fair”. Only time a trade should be veto’d is when there is proof of collusion.

Also, I think the trade is pretty even. I’d take the conner/gronk side of this trade all day. Give me the season long TE1-3 and 3 weeks of conner over White/DJ right now.