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Trade Vetoed but still went through

Does anyone have any experience with this? I am in a league through nfl.com. I was offered a trade and accepted in desperateness. Turned out most of my league said they wouldn’t let it happen because it was a one sided trade, so 6 out of 10 people voted no. This morning, the trade shows “Trade Vetoed” but shows that the players were exchanged. I checked my roster and it did occur. My commissioner is unsure there is anything he can do now that it happened. NFL’s help desk is completely useless. Any suggestions?

don’t allow voting on trades to begin with probably

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The same thing happened in our nfl fantasy league. Last week a trade had been made and the result in the feed showed the trade as “Trade Processed” this week another pending trade came to deadline and read “Trade Vetoed” although the players had been traded successfully. It would appear that the majority of the league members not involved in the trade had voted against the trade. Nobody including the commissioner understands why the players were traded successfully.

I got word from NFL Digital that it was a bug in the system, and was patched yesterday morning from an update. They are unsure what caused it but ensured me that the trade was approved. Which was disappointing for me as I was having trade regrets lmao.

Trades shouldn’t be vetoed unless if collusion occurs. But the commish can always swap the players back if yall want the veto to stand

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