Trade vetoed controversially (to me at least)

Earlier this year in a dynasty league in week 1 a trade was made between a me and a team where I would get zeke elliot and he would get Leonard fournette, courtland sutton, Sammy Watkins (with week 1 value), and a 2nd round pick. This trade was vetoed and the reason given was teams were saying they were avoiding me having Elliot, saquon, and fournette as my lead running backs and having that caliber of backs on one team. Since then we’ve gotten rid of veto but at the time I was livid but the commish wouldn’t budge how would y’all have reacted in my place.

This is why you should not play in leagues that allow vetos(if you want to actually trade). It’s 100% preposterous to veto that trade in a dynasty league. Those managers that voted to veto out of spite need to be blasted off into the moon.

I would be leaving that league this off-season if I were you, and I’d make sure they know why. It’s easy to find a new league nowadays.

I’ll say now the league did vote to remove veto’s and now trades just go through instantly. It’s a league with some buddies so it would be hard to leave also I won the playoffs so I think they’d want a defending champion.

At least it’s not going to happen again in the future then. Yeah it’s tough to leave a league with friends even if there is wonky stuff happening.

Glad this is sorted moving forward, but that trade (rolled back to week 1) was not even crazy. Looks balanced.

How would you have ended up with Zeke and Fournette as your lead backs if they were on opposite sides of the trade?

The trade seems balanced to me. I’m not a fan of vetoes in general, but this one shouldn’t have been vetoed even by people who are proponents of them.

I drafted fournette with my second pick. I had the first overall pick which was saquon.

Yes, but if you trade Fournette to get Zeke then your starting RBs would not be Zeke, Saquon, and Fournette (which you indicated was the reason that the trade was vetoed).

I meant to say that my lead backs would be saquon in zeke, didn’t meant to add fournette. This trade was so long ago and I currently have fournette so it’s confusing lol.