Trade Vetoed! (pulling hair out)

Great example of why you should not allow for trades to be vetoed using the veto button:

So after a weekend of discussions the following trade was accepted between myself and the commissioner of the league:

League is a 10 team/ .5ppr / 2QB (2QB/2WR/2RB/Flex/5 bench)

I received Antonio Brown, Doug Baldwin, Payton Barber & Blake Bortles
I traded away Thielen, Alex Smith, Coleman, Michel

The other person was very weak at their QB2 (and scrapes on the wire) so Smith is a nice upgrade. He also has Freeman and Rex so had injury concerns. Barber and Baldwin were just the players he found expendable to make room for Michel and Coleman.

Anyway, league is set up with veto ability and one or two members started essentially campaigning for veto because they are upset that the trade was one sided (and likely thought they could offer more for Brown). Only four votes needed to veto (stupid Yahoo). There is no rule book. What are your thoughts? No one has given a valid argument on collusion or any of that nonsense. After a lot of arguments, we have put the trade through again to see what happens.


think the veto option needs to be taken away, but while it is still in there, not much to do. vetoes should be gone, but if it’s in and a trade is vetoed, gotta let it stand unless entire league votes to take vetoes away after the season has now begun. it sucks, but that’s the only fair way to go about it.