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Trade Vetoed!


A trade was accepted, where I gave Larry Fitzgerald for Marqise Lee. It was vetoed by the commissioner. Amazing. I don’t want anything to do with Fitz, and this offense, but wanted some kind of value out of him, and anyways I have a good WR core.

The last time I’m in this league. Just a little vent, my first, and hopefully my last.


Was there no discussion between other league members? I wouldn’t be happy with that veto. A commissioner has to look out for the leagues interests and not his own imo.


There was not. The same commissioner in another league. I traded Larry Fitz, Ameer Abdullah for DeMarco Murray. It was accepted by the other party, but vetoed by commish.


I’d be out of those leagues ASAP


Correction, both leagues are $100.


I’m frustrated just reading that. That makes no sense. Sounds like this kid is letting his title of commish go to his head. Get out of the league ASAP and hopefully you’ve already called him out.


Wow. Yeah man I’ve had some frustrating veto stories as well. You can’t fix a bad league or a bad commish, my best word of advice would be to join a #footclan league. I’m doing the same next season to avoid problems like this.


I am in a Footclan dynasty league, and I commish a re-draft league myself with Foot Clan members. (Where I don’t veto.) Lol.


So here is what happened. The commish is fine if it’s Fitzgerald for M. Lee and D. Foreman. Though I will drop Foreman when the trade goes through.
And the other trade will be D. Murray and T. Gabriel for Fitzgerald and Abdullah. But will drop Gabriel too cause I have better options on bench as well.
The commissioner bases trades off sites like Fantasy SP analyzer, and if the numbers aren’t close to even he won’t let it go through. That is how he determines what is fair or not, he says it is but denies it at the same time that he just goes off those stupid stats.


If someone accepts a trade, it’s the same as consenting. If they don’t want to they dont have to. Think about it… fantasy being lifted to a different level. The level of freedom to make choices. Period.

It’s insulting to not only you but the person you are trading with. Kinda saying “hey I saw the trade but that guy doesn’t know any better but I do”. I say play by the rules and show that you can win with or without his stupid ‘rule’. Sorry to hear that man.


The only way a trade should be vetoed is if a) someone is clearly tanking at 1-6 etc or b) collusion is definitely taking place