Trade Vetoed

I accepted a trade last night for Thielen, Sanders and Drake for Saquan, and Fitzgerald, so i then proceed to cancel all my waiver wire claims i was 3rd. I get up this morning and the trade has been vetoed. I bitched and was told by the commish that he would address the league, well i havent heard anything. I emailed league earlier demanding an explanation. Especially considering I canceled all waiver claims,this is a cash league, I’m pissed. Any suggestions on how this should be handled.

Had the same thing happen in my league yesterday. At the end of the day, it’s annoying as hell but what happened to you is within the confines of the rules (assuming you don’t have some special rules already made in your league). If people in the league are chatting with each other and deciding to collude and essentially form a cartel, then yeah that would be BS. And this trade is not terribly uneven or anything outrageous.

It just depends on whether people operate with the assumption that the option to Veto is there for strategic purposes (i.e. not wanting your opponent to get a good player) or simply there to make sure no completely obvious cheating is going on. It sounds like your commish needs to communicate what the purpose of having the Veto there in your league is.

In my league, the commish addressed this by changing it to 2 more people needing to Veto to overturn it (4 to 6) and then shortening the approval window from 48 to 24 hrs.

But the trade that got overturned apparently will not be allowed to go through if it is re-done in the exact same form, since it was already veto’ed once.

Im new to this league, these guys know each other, so he woke up this morning, someone told him,dude thats a bad trade so im sure he ask others to vetoe,but me canceling my waiver claims is the biggest reason im pissed,its bullshit

I would bring it up if this isn’t gonna sit right with you all season. It’s not unreasonable of you to be bothered by this. And if people legit are telling each other to veto your trade, then that is actual cheating IMO.

You shouldn’t have to go on a political/bribery campaign to each team in your league to get your trade through. I’d be pissed about that, too. Assuming that’s actually how it was going down, of course.