Trade Vetoing

I’ve been in a league for my buddies from High School for years.

I recently accepted a trade that would have me sending Hopkins and Hyde for Kamara and Kelan Cole.

The Commissioner is going to people in my league and convincing them to veto the trade because “my team would be too good”.

I’ve run the trade through every trade analyzer (FantasyPros, FantasyNerd, Rotoball, FantasySp) and they all said it was even.

Has anyone else been in this situation? How did you resolve the issue?
NOTE: This is a $100 12 man league

I call BS. Show him the screengrabs and tell him to chill out (is his team 0-4?)

We’re both 3-1. Grabbing all the screenshots and posting in our league chat. I think he’s mad because he was trying to get Kamara for weeks.

This is a problem of him not understanding his role. His job is not to balance teams, it’s to ensure fair play. I personally think that you’re winning too, since you’re getting Kamara, but it’s a fair trade for sure.

There’s a difference between not liking a trade because a top team gets better and actively trying to convince other league members to veto the trade. I was even willing to do the trade without Cole, but I have evans on a bye so I asked him to throw in his least favorite WR.

I’m posting all the screenshots and screenshots of my conversation with the owner I traded with. This took us two weeks to agree on a trade lol.