Trade Waller for Monty and Fant?

In a 8 team non-ppr scoring league with old friends. I’m in the desperation zone of 0-3. I don’t think I have a bad team, but rather been victim to big weeks. I am staring down the barrel of 0-4 because my opponent has JRob and Henry. He has killer WRs, Hockenson and Kyler. Just typing that makes me feel resigned to my fate.

I have: Rodgers, Chubb, Najee, Monty, Swift, Gaskin, Ty’son, Chuba, Metcalf, Allen, Moore, Deebo and Fant

I can trade (agreed in principle) Monty and Fant out for Waller, but needing a win now, should I do the trade now or hold on to Monty because he is likely to have a big week, and pull the trigger later.