Trade was Vetoed

I recently made a trade with another guy in the league. I offered him Julian Edelman for Julio Jones. The guy accepted the trade, but two hours later the email was sent out saying it was a league veto. Now, I do know that the trade wasn’t even across the board ( The other guys is a die-hard patriots fan). So yes, I through the homer player at him and he bit the bait. But the veto to me, is just a jealousy button to push. If you want to make trades, make them. If someone makes a bad trade, I don’t feel like they should be bailed out. More of a rant, but opinions are welcome!

I agree, if it is not collusion, all trades should be processed. if half your league said i’m not letting this through …meh that’s frustrating but if it is just a league administrator, i would get on to the other guy to push for the trade.

It’s a 12 team league, with a league vote but the frustrating thing is it only takes 4 to veto a trade. So, only 1/3 of the league has to veto. I believe it was just a ‘‘hey, that doesn’t help my team’’ type of veto.

Look i don’t like vetoes but i agree with it. You don’t trade a WR1 for a WR3. Sure you’re mad because you’re not getting Julio for half a ham sandwich, but from a league health perspective it tilts the balance WAY too much on something that’s just an awful trade. Your example is the EXACT reason why people still want vetoes. Personally I think it should have been a commissioner decision, and the should have denied it though.

Of course I am. But I agree with what you’re saying. But is it my fault the trade was accepted? I threw the guy half a ham sandwich and he gave me a steak. Bad trades should not be bailed out in my opinion.

When it comes to the integrity of the league awful trades, and this one is awful, need to be denied. Like i said this really should be a commissioner approval process and the commissioner should have denied it. This is one of the few times i’ve read about a trade and thought that it being denied is the correct response.

The guy who accepted this trade should be BANNED for life.

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