Trade: Watkins/McCoy for Mahomes/Lindsey

I currently only have Josh Allen for a QB on my roster.

Depends on scoring like an in a point per completion league and I would do that but if not I’d probs stick

Depends what the rest of your team looks like, and the QB’s available on waivers

Its Standard 4pt per TD.

I’ve got Lockett, M. Williams, J. Gordon at WR
and Barkley, Carson, D. Freeman, Justin Jackson at RB.

QBs available on waiver wire: Cousins, Dalton, Winston, Carr, Keenum

We are in a non-PPR league with otherwise standard scoring

I would just stream I’d play Carr this week

Would you drop Allen and Pick up Carr? I don’t really want to drop Justin Jackson. That really my only other option.