Trade Watson for Fuller/Sanders

Hi there what do you think of this trade? 12 Team 0.5 ppr league

I was offered D. Watson for W. Fuller and M. Sanders.

My Team(other than the two players in question):
QB Josh Allen
RB S. Barkey
RB Sony Michel
RB D. Montgomery
RB D. Guice
RB D. Singletary
WR M. Evans
WR T. Hill
WR R. Anderson
WR K. Coutee
TE Njoku

would you accept? I think it makes my starting roster better but I oose some depth. On the other hand, I have to drop two players by the start of the season anyways to add D/ST and kicker.

Yeah I’d do it. It’s a huge upgrade at the QB position. I would hate to lose Sanders because he could be a 3 down back by week 6. But so could Guice or Singletary. Unfortunately I think guice or Singletary are candidates for the other player you have to drop for dst and kicker.

I’d still do the trade. You have barkley. He is basically like having 2 players at once for fantasy production.