Trade Watson?

Should I try to trade Watson for D Adams?

.5 ppr for Wr. 4pt TD for Qb

My current WRs are Evans, Westbrook and scary Terry.

My other Qbs are Winston and Foles… Wentz is available in waivers.

My concern is the rest of the ROS for Watson. I think it might be a tough road for him.

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I just posted about how I need QB help-
I would trade for Watson and he’s among the elite. I would hold on to him.

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If u can get wentz off waivers i would trade watson for adams. Wentz has an easy playoff schedule

Maybe a contrary take, but I would hold onto Watson. I think Wentz’s playoff prospects are being over-hyped. My model has him projected to be the QB18 Weeks 14-16 and the QB20 Weeks 15-16. And Watson projects to be the QB2 Weeks 14-16 and Weeks 15-16. Championship Week (16), Watson is projected to be the QB1 and Wentz projects to be the QB24. Every player has a price, but for me the difference between Watson and Wentz is extremely high, especially in the playoffs.

My full QB model is below for reference. If it helps you can see all my streaming models (QB, TE, DST) in my Week 11 streaming post here. Comments and feedback very welcome. Good luck!