Trade Weigh-In

12 team half PPR dynasty. I’ve been offered another Ertz trade, I send Ertz and I get Duke, Agholor, Kittle and a 2019 3rd which will likely be a mid to low pick that round. I could do with some RB depth and I don’t hate Kittle as a TE option. Do I do this?

Allen/Baldwin/Crowder/Kirk/Miller/Chark/Moore/ Cain/Ross

I feel it’s fairly decent and it’s hard to give up a top TE when you have one, especially for squad depth which is important but doesn’t feel good to do…

Your rb and wr depth seems solid enough to me. I would maybe ask for Little, agolohr and a better pick if you want the deal. What are your other te’s

I mean kittle

So you want to give up a stud te for a rb3/4, a wr4, a much worse te and a late 3rd round pick ie a dart throw. Why would you ever want to do that? You’re making your line up much worse so that your bench can score more points.

Don’t want to do the deal just getting offers in and wanted a view. If I trade him I want a solid starter back at least and I’m 100% with you @Kaiser, I didn’t make the offer but everything has been pretty low so just wanted to take a view or two to see if I’m overvaluing