Trade wentz

trade wentz, ballage and lockett 4 hopkins, luck, Njoku…so the guy that drafted luck values QBs I happen to pick up wentz late and was able to grab Phillip Rivers in case I can pull off this trade.
Worried its not enough to tempt the other team curious what you all feel is enough to get this trade pulled off
my team:
wentz, rivers
Kamara, chubbs, Dalvin cook, Tevin coleman, kallen ballage, Rashad penny
lockett, tyler boyde, Robbie Anderson, tate, Geronimo Allison, Humphries

other team:
Luck, Foles
freeman, guice, Kenyan drake, sproles
D Hopkins, R woods, mike Williams, w fuller, deasan Jackson, Beasley
Njoku, trey burton

please feel free to post link and ill give my input

You want to offer Wentz, Ballage and Lockett for Hopkins and Njoku basically? I genuinely think you can’t get Hopkins unless you offer up one of your top RB. Unless you want to part with one of them I think the other owner should have no interest in negotiating no matter how much they value QB.

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that’s what I was afraid of but had a nagging feeling that would be the case I could switch Njoku to trey burton but Hopkins issue is still there

I don’t see how you get hopkins with out giving up kamara or at the very least chubbs and a wr. That being said if the other team will do this trade you should take it (can’t see the rest of the league being ok with that trade though)