TRADE! Which side!?!?

Full point PPR…

My…Robert Woods, Calvin Ridley


Chris Godwin, AJ Green

Other WR on my team…
DJ Chark, Michael Gallup, Marvin Jones, Desean Jackson

Well Godwin is the best in the trade, so that’s good for you, but why make that WR for WR trade at all. Ultimately it looks like a wash to me. What is your RB situation? Use some of that awesome WR depth you have to improve your RB or maybe even TE situation with someone who is weak at WR.

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First 3 picks I landed Kamara, Drake, Chubb. TE is Hurst so could look for improvement there.

How many teams in this league? That may change my mind since it seems pretty shallow if those were your first 3 picks and you still got all those WRs. Either that or you are going to crunch your competition. :slight_smile:

10 teams. I had pick 5


Jones JR
Matt Ryan
C Thompson
D Jax

And Edmonds

Nicely done. I’d definitely try to upgrade at TE though vice your WR for WR trade, but either way you are in good shape as far as I can tell. The key to a shallow league, not than 10 teams is that shallow, is that everyone has an awesome team so the true difference makers at each position become even more important, but obviously the trick is figuring out/guessing whose those guys will be. Godwin was definitely one of those guys last year, but the question is do you think he will be that much better than Woods won’t be this year. Or Matt Ryan turns Hurst into Tony Gonzalez. Isn’t this fun