Trade: who to target with hunt

current lineup playing with 3 WRs and 2 RBs:

WR: Diggs, J. Gordon, Fitzgerald, Callaway, Cobb
RB: M. Gordon, Hunt, S. Michel, A. Jones, R. Freeman
TE: T. Burton

I am considering to upgrade on my WR position with uncertainty for Gordon, Fitz and Cobb. Believe that Michel, Jones or Freeman will develop into fantasy value so I am willing to trade away Hunt… who should I try to target with Hunt?

I am currently considering offering Hunt and Burton for Allen Robinson and Ertz - do you think I should do that?

You’re taking a gamble giving away Hunt and not receiving a RB in return. Whether you think your other RBs will emerge remains to be seen. I’m not a fan of that offer at all, ARob hasn’t even found the endzone yet.

You have pretty good running back depth, instead I think I would just be patient and see if Callaway and Gordon emerge as weekly fantasy plays ( I think both of them at the very least have the same amount of upside as Allen Robinson ).

Right now you’d be underselling Kareem considering he hasn’t had a break out game yet this season really, try not to trade him at his floor. For a player like him, all it takes is one huge week and then he’ll have high trade value once again.

I’d hang on to Hunt.