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Trade, who wins?


Who wins? Hilton and Pryor for OBJ and J. Matthews.


Immediately I want to say the guy who got OBJ won… A general rule of thumb that I like to follow is, “Always be the guy getting the best player in every trade.” It just comes down to what value Hilton and Pryor end up returning… A month or two ago they were 2 of my favorite WR targets in mocks but with still no timetable on Luck and Pryor’s horrific preseason (what was it… something like 3 drops on 7 targets with 2 receptions all preseason?), I’m just not too sure about them as of now. I mean if Luck only misses a week (2 max) then returns to form immediately, and Pryor lives up to the optimistic expectations we all set, then I’d say the trade could work out better for the Hilton/Pryor guy… but as of now, if I’m the guy with Hilton and that trade offer hits my inbox I’m clicking accept no hesitation to get OBJ… I mean, I guess OBJ does have some (very minor) concern with the ankle injury possibly lingering into the season after he possibly misses week 1… but I’m not too concerned about it at all… its more about how your team looks in week 8 than how it looks in week 1.


Ok so I have Hilton/Pryor also have Martavis but then I drop in talent and have maclin and Hurns. I love OBJ but is Matthews going to give me value back on the trade to keep some talent on my team?


I take the OBJ side


If you’re solid at RB then I say do the trade… with OBJ you have a virtual lock for a top 3-5 WR. With Hilton and Pryor we really don’t know what this season will bring for them… basically… you could do the trade and Hilton/Pryor both end up succeeding and you may have been better off having not done the trade… but worst case scenario you still have OBJ… or you can look at it like… if you don’t do the trade… and Hilton is borderline unstartable without luck and Pryor is the biggest bust of the season… then you’d be left with nothing when you could’ve had OBJ… the only way you regret doing the trade is if OBJ goes down for an extended time… and how many teams is this league and is it non-PPR, Half, or full?