Trade Williams?

Should I trade Damien Williams for Josh Jacobs??

Is this a PPR league? I would probably do this trade either way. Jacobs is the bellcow 100% for the raiders, William’s will always have the prospect of losing his job. Take the less risky guy and go win a championship!

It’s not ppr. My concern is the Raiders offends vs Chiefs offense.

Totally valid concern. I think non ppr makes me lean jacobs even more. Hes going to get more touches and hes the guy all year long if healthy. There is a real chance williams loses his job by game 3 to one of the other backs who look good, he doesn’t have a great track record either so eliminate some risk and gi get jacobs.

Good luck!

I like Josh Jacobs better. The Oakland offense has more weapons this year and looks more prepared. They still won’t be the KC offense but you’re looking at a player who was a first round draft pick and has already been told he is the guy. Damien Williams is good but he has to continue to fend off Darwin which I don’t see happening.

I don’t like either player tbh. Flip a coin.

I think I’m going to make the trade, thanks for the advice!

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