Trade Wilson or Watson?

Have Russell Wislon and Deshaun Watson in a 6 point passing td league half point ppr. I’m 4-4 trying to make a run for the playoffs so need to move one to improve my WRs and value is probably at an all time high for both Wilson and Watson right now. Looks like Wislon has a better playoff schedule (weeks 15 and 16 in this league) and think i can probably get more for Watson(most of the league hates the Seahawaks and Russell). Who should i trade and what WR would be a good target? Other WRs are mike evans , DT, Juju and Amendola. Rbs are Hunt, Howard, Hyde, Alex Collins and Fat Rob. Please comment, thanks Footclan!

If people hate Wilson, then definitely keep him and trade Watson. In a draft, QB1 has round 3 or 4 value, so look around there. Crabtree comes to mind as a perfect candidate. Rd 4 in the draft, WR1 in real life. Maybe you can get a WR1 out of this. It’s gonna come down to which team needs a QB most and has quality receivers.
Diggs or Thielen would be good targets too. And the Doug Baldwin/Russell Wilson stack for the back half of the season has been dominant for the last few years.

Thanks for the advice, on of the guys that I floated Watson to has Crabtree, Michael Thomas and Alshon. So I agree Crabtree could be great. also exporled the baldwin idea but jimmie graham is my tight end so not sure if I want to realy on the mega stack. Would you target Thomas and be happy with Crabtree? Ideally would wan to trade for some one who is passed their bye but not essential Also have considered packaging in DT to go for the bigger upgrade like Michael Thomas.

I could probably get Thelien or diggs done too, both guys hurting at QB. Only issues there is that I would be trading Watson to one of the guys I am trying to pass in the standings. the team with Thomas and Crabtree is in last place