Trade winner?

H. Henry, Ingram, Cook and a 2020 2nd for
Ertz, K. Cole, and A.J. Brown.

who wins?

Which Cook? if it’s Jared Cook I like the Cook side a little… if it’s Dalvin Cook this should probably be vetoed

Depends on the rosters and if this is dynasty… Ingram should be pretty good in Baltimore but dunno how long he’ll last

Dalvin Cook

Yea that’s garbage then… Cook side by a landslide… if I was commish, I would make sure whoever is getting Ertz knows wtf they were doing before processing… it’s not close

I would let the trade go through, no veto or any of that


This is a lopsided trade… I love A.J. Brown as a prospect, but he’s still catching passes from Mariota and has to contend with target-hog (and overall disappointment) Corey Davis, as well as free agent signing Humphries, and Dion Lewis out of the backfield.

Basically, it’s Ertz for Henry/Ingram/Cook

AJ for the 2nd

and Cole as roster move.

This isn’t even close to a trade I’d consider vetoing

No question about who won… But i am not vetoed this trade (if i’m part of this league). Bad calls are something we have to deal wit in our leagues (i have made some :sweat_smile::speak_no_evil:)…unless it’s crystal clear it’s a malicious move…

My assessment:
Dalvin cook could be a top 10 back for the next few years, ingram is a solid RB2 flex for the next year or two. Henry is a decent TE. 2020 2nd is… eh.

Ertz is a great piece, but is getting older so might only be a top value guy for naother year or two. Cole is one of a million WR with a confusing depth chart, and AJ brown is a great receiver on a bad offense with a bad QB.

This is soooooo lopsided in favor of whoever receives cook it isnt even funny.

Personally I wouldn’t veto anything unless it’s clear collusion.

I agree that you can’t veto unless it’s clear collusion… but the team giving up the Dalvin Cook package should be trolled mercilessly.


Breakout the pitchforks!

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