Trade winner

Ajayi and Fitzgerald for Micheal Thomas and Powell. Who wins?

The ajayi side wins

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That’s pretty close, but I think the side who got Ajayi wins just by a bit. Fitz value was probably cut in half after the Palmer injury, but I think Ajayi’s value is still good even though he hasn’t produced yet. He is still getting touches and that’s what you want. I can see it being a good deal for both sides though.

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I have demarco murray and zeke as my other backs so should I keep ajayi in case zeke is suspended? My receivers are fitz, cooper, marvin jones, shepard, watkins

I probably would. I have 100% given up on trying to predict his suspension. I live in Dallas, so I thought I had some inside scoop, but talking heads down here know just as little as everyone else. Seriously who knows when he will be suspended…I would keep Ajayi just in case