Trade with Barkley owner Advice

I wanted to offer Evans, James Robinson and Hunt to the Saquan owner for Taylor and Hopkins
It’s a 12 team ppr league
My RBs are CEH/Hunt/Murray/Edmonds/Kelly/Bell/James Robinson
WRs are

Am I offering too little for those 2? I was just thinking to take advantage that he doesn’t have many options now that Barkley is out for the year and I want to get rid of Evans

It depends on the Barkley owner’s roster and how desparate he is for another RB.

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@recespieces31 his other RBs are Taylor, White, Henderson and McKinnon, but then again I play him next week so I might hold off from trading with him and hopefully taking the W against him

@recespieces31 Would you rather trade Evans and J Rob for David Johnson and Metcalf/Michael Thomas

I was thinking Metcalf so I can stack him with Wilson but also I could try doing all 3 and adding another player. What do you think?

You could possibly get away with J Rob for David Johnson, but IMHO I would keep J Rob. He is a solid RB2 until he proves he isn’t on a surprisingly decent Jags team. Johnson will have the volume, but I fear Houston will constantly be in a negative game script, the run game will be non-existant (Watson is struggling mightily w/o Nuke). If you are worried about PPR, Johnson has 5 rec in 2 games compared to Robinson’s 4 rec in 2 games.

You could swing Evans for Metcalf based on Evans name alone, plus his good week 2. I would try to sneak in a low-end RB2 or WR2 in addition, if you want to trade away Evans.

I have a feeling you would have to give up a lot to get Taylor (his only RB1 currently with no Barkley) and/or Hopkins (currently crushing it with Kyler).

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@recespieces31 By that you mean Evans for Metcalf and a low end RB2 or WR? Or me also giving up one? Some WRs I was thinking were OBJ Lockett and Theilen off the bad week. I could also offer the Kamara owner Murray and Evans for his Tyreek he also has Golladay and Gallup

I was just thinking offering Murray as insurance for Kamara since a lot of stars are getting hurt

Yes, your Evans for Metcalf and a RB2 or WR2, depending on your needs.

Depending on how bad the Kamara owner wants Murray as a handcuff, you could try Evans/Murray for Golladay/Gallup or Hill/Gallup.

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@recespieces31 I would do that trade it’s just he doesn’t have much on his bench to get something close to a low end RB/WR2

I could go for DJ Moore for Evans and Edmonds since he has Drake.

I could also try getting Juju

Or see if anyone is interested in Bell idk if there’s any value with him till he’s back but I could try seeing what I can get from Evans and Bell together

Evans/Edmonds for DJ Moore is a trade in the other team’s favor. Again, I would add a RB2 or WR2 in addition for DJ Moore, i.e. Evans/Edmonds for Moore/RB2 or WR2 value.

Bell at this point is worth low-end RB2/High end RB3 value. Adam Gase has ruined what little value Bell had.

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@recespieces31 Do you think Evans for Metcalf and David Johnson is a good trade or would I have to add more to that.

You will probably need to add a RB2 or WR2 value for Johnson. You can always start low Evans for Metcalf/Johnson, then add if rejected or if a counter-offer is too stiff.

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@recespieces31 what’s ur opinion on Diggs or McLaurin? I was thinking of trading Evans to the Sutton team for one of them and maybe a player like Antonio Gibson

You can probably swing Evans for McLaurin/Gibson based on how weak Was is currently. Be prepared to add another piece just in case as both McLaurin and Gibson have been pretty good on a bad team.

The way Diggs is connecting with Allen, you might be able to get away with Evans for Diggs straight up, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Diggs owner rejects or counteroffers you with Diggs for Evans/RB2 or WR2 value.

Overall, you will probably have a better chance getting McLaurin/Gibson over Diggs. Most Diggs owners will be quite happy with how well Allen and Diggs are playing together.

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@recespieces31 the thing is those players r all on the same team so I could offer him the Diggs trade first then after see if he’d rather go for McLaurin and Gibson. He also just lost Sutton but also has DJ Moore so he has good WR depth

So at the moment I’m stuck between Evans and RB2 for Metcalf/David Johnson
Evans for McLaurin and Gibson or Diggs

You can attempt Evans for Diggs first to see if it is accepted.

Generally, the average fantasy player bases NFL player value on the previous week’s performance and most players tend to over value their team’s players, especially when you contact them for a trade. Just keep that in mind when you offer Evans for Diggs, there is a point where the other team asks for too much in relation to your players value.

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@recespieces31 that’s true, if you were in my position would you rather go for someone like AJ green since he hasn’t played well and try to buy low on him? The guy who has him just lost Barkley so he’d probably want a RB but idk who to give up between Murray Hunt Bell or James Robinson maybe I could try Bell and a WR like Hollywood or Crowder?

A straight up Murray for Green trade isnt outside the realm of possibility. However, depending on his RB depth behind Barkley, he may need someone with more upside than Murray.

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@recespieces31 He isn’t too RB needy I mean he has McKinnon Taylor White and Henderson off a good week